Affiliation Opportunities

While it is too late for researchers to join the data collection this time, we are continually looking to expand the research network for future collaborations.

New collaborators may apply to join the network through contacting the principal investigators. When contacting the principal investigators please give a description of your research, including the types of SN in which you specialize.

If and when new studies arrive, we would expect all collaborators to actively recruit participants to take part in their respective countries/ state (whether or not the country in question is already covered by one of the collaborators) and, if necessary, to be heavily involved in the translation of the following documents: advertising flyers, information sheet for parents, information sheet for institutions and associations, the survey(s), and to let us know whether they are likely to be able to collect data from any group(s), and how many participants they are likely to be able to collect (in each group, if more than one).